PTZ Keyboard Firmware Update Instructions

PTZ Keyboard Firmware Update Instructions


Three versions of firmware

Due to manufacturing considerations beyond our control, there are THREE versions of the PTZ Keyboard that differ slightly in the hardware components used. While functionally identical, each version requires its own, separate MCU firmware.
These versions of the Keyboard can be distinguished by the color of the LCD screen (two colours), and the joystick profile (two shapes).

a. Keyboard A has a blue LCD screen and this joystick profile.

b. Keyboard B has a green LCD screen and this joystick profile.

c. Keyboard C has a green LCD screen and this joystick profile.

You will notice that the your firmware download folder has three corresponding folders - A, B and C. Please use the firmware from the folder that matches your Keyboard version.
Updating your PTZ Keyboard is a 2 step process. Please follow these instructions in this stepwise order.

Step 1. NDI® Firmware
Step 2. MCU (Master Control Unit)

Let’s Start
What you will need

• 1 x Windows PC or Laptop with a spare USB-A port.
• 1 x downloaded PTZ Keyboard firmware update .zip file (this contains all the files you need). Unzip this file to a convenient location on your Windows PC. As noted above, ensure you have the correct firmware version, A, B or C , for your device.
• 1 x BirdDog PTZ Keyboard.
• 1 x USB flash drive formatted as FAT32 on a Windows PC. Guidance on formatting the drive follows below.

Step 1. NDI® Firmware Update
a. Log into the BirdUI. The default password is ‘birddog’.
b. Navigate to the SYSTEM menu and select SYSTEM UPDATE.

c. Click the CHOOSE FILE button, navigate to the STEP 1 folder, select the contained .fw file and click the UPDATE button. This NDI® firmware file is for all Keyboard versions.

NOTE: This process will take up to 5 minutes and will require the Keyboard to reboot. DO NOT power off the unit while this process completes.

d. After the process reports as complete, please allow 2 minutes for the Keyboard to reboot and then refresh your browser.
e. If you wish to use the BirdUI, you’ll need to log in again.
f. To confirm the update, open the BirdUI and view the FIRMWARE VERSION on the Dashboard.

Step 2. MCU Update

If your flash drive is not formatted as FAT32, format it using a Windows PC. The following video provides instructions on this. The process should only take a few minutes. Formatting your USB drive

To check how your flash drive is formatted, insert the flash drive into a Windows PC, open My Computer and right-click on the flash drive. In most cases, this is the D: or E: drive. Select Properties from the pop-up menu. The file system (FAT32) should be specified near the top of the Properties window.

a. Insert your FAT32 formatted flash drive into your Windows PC.
b. Navigate to the Step 2 folder, and then the appropriate firmware folder (A, B or C). Copy the contained .bin file to the top level of your flash drive.
c. Right-click on the flash drive in My Computer and eject the flash drive.
d. Remove the flash drive from your Windows PC and insert it into the PTZ Keyboard USB port.
e. Remove all power to the PTZ Keyboard, i.e., Ethernet cable (if using PoE) and/or power adaptor (if used for power), wait for 10 seconds, and while pressing down firmly on the P/T Speed dial, return power to the Keyboard with the flash drive connected. The screen will momentarily flash during the update process and then then revert to KEYBOARD INITIALIZING.
f. When initialization is finished, confirm the update by navigating to the KEYBOARD SETTING menu, and to MODEL INFO. Refer to the FW VERSION numbers listed in the release notes. If these numbers are correct, the update is confirmed.
g. The update process is now complete.

Support Resources
BirdDog are committed to your success with our products and we have a team of global support engineers ready to help you. Should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out. Email us at

This is a high priority email address and is received by support, engineering and management. We are here to help!

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