How to Add A BirdDog Camera to Keyboard via NDI-IP

How to Add A BirdDog Camera to Keyboard via NDI-IP

Steps to Add a Camera to BirdDog PTZ Keyboard
  1. Press Search Button
  2. Highlight NDI-IP
  3. Click L/R Direction Knob
  4. Start Search
  5. Scroll to the camera ID you want to add
  6. Click L/R Direction Knob
  7. Change CAM 00# to the correct number you want to store the camera at
  8. Click Exit
  9. Repeat for any other cameras found
  10. Click Exit (x3 times) and go back to the main screen
  11. Recall camera (on keypad, press: #+CAM)
  12. Camera should be recalled and display "OK" in the top right corner
The video below walks through adding a camera with NDI-IP and VISCA-IP:

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